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Credit Union Board of Directors

City & County Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative that exists to serve our member-owners. CCCU is democratically controlled by our member-owners, and each member has an equal vote. Our board of directors and supervisory committee consists of volunteers that invest their time and energy for the longevity and success of CCCU and its members.

CCCU hosts an annual meeting that is open to all members to review the previous fiscal year, answer member questions and, if needed, vote on changes proposed by the board of directors.

Current Board of Directors Supervisory Committee Members President/CEO

Lou Bruno--Chair
Joe Mathews--Vice Chair
Axel Henry
Hans Molenaar
Lisa Hayes
Heidi Holste
Heidi Wolf
Nicole Bates
Shannon Cunningham
Rebekah Ferguson
Chad Kerlin

Christine Meyer
Karen Saltis
Marion Holly
Tom Gergen
Joe Piepgras

Patrick Pierce

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